Meeting 20th April 11.30 including brief report

Dear Members, instead of our monthly meeting in Crawford Hall the committee decided we again would do an excursion this time to the Tarwin Lower Cemetery (mud map attached) To meet at 11.30am on the 20th April at the long picnic table in Lower Tarwin and at about 1.30pm proceed to the cemetery and a small guided walk and talk by Kerry and Mike. Please bring your own lunch or purchase at the shop and a mug. Tea will be provided or coffee can bought at the shop. Take care, keep to 60kph to avoid the frequent speed traps in this region.

On the way in to Tarwin Lower note the Historical Grave on the left. During lunch Kerry will recount the story of the Stockman who drowned crossing the river at this point.

Well, what a meeting! Firstly we started off with a picnic lunch at Lower Tarwin on the Long Table, distinctly wet and with a cold wind. The cemetery had a interment in operation so we had to wait until that was completed. Then down to the old section where Kerry regaled us with her research into the Black family. Rain increased steadily and eventually we beat a hasty retreat to the comfort of our cars. All this notwithstanding the consensus was a ‘good outing”.