“Communications Past and Present” and Newsletter Update

Sunday 5th December at 1pm the ‘Communications Past and Present’ Exhibition was formally opened by Reg Williams, in front of a surprisingly good crowd, followed by the thee usual afternoon tea, accompanied by a goodly variety of eats.

A presentation was made to Reg for his contribution to the Museum over many years.

Newsletter Series 2. 7 November 2021

We opened the Museum at weekends and had a few visitors but unfortunately have had to once again CLOSE due to Covid-19 (Omicron)

Newsletter July 2014

This is a must read item, full of information and illustrations. Also a reminder that the AGM will be on Tuesday 5th August 2014.
Further details by checking the Members and Newsletters sections.

Newsletter Feb 2014

Please visit the newsletter section, left side of the page, to view the latest letter. You will need Adobe Reader to open the file.Happy Reading.