South of the Strzelecki Ranges by Cheryl Glowrey


South of the Strzelecki Ranges by Cheryl Glowrey

South of the Strzelecki Ranges - Cheryl Glowrey

This book looks at the interplay between people, land and sea. South of the Strzelecki Ranges is the story of the South Gippsland coast and the people whose lives were intertwined with the sea, rivers and swamps of Corner Inlet.

The Brataualung of the Gunaikurnai, the traditional custodians of the coastal lands of the inlet, lived in this rich estuarine landscape on the fringe of the great forests. South of the Strzelecki traces the story of a changing landscape and marine environment as new settlers overcame the challenges of weather, shallow waters, forests and wetlands to build European farming and fishing industries.

As the millennium arrived, conflicts over marine conservation and renewable energy forged a new identity for the local communities of Corner Inlet.

On February 5 2019 Cheryl gave an entertaining account of how she approached writing this book, which is based on her doctoral thesis. Members can listen to the talk by emailing the secretary at and arranging a time to visit the museum.

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How They Kept in Touch

Wilsons Promontory Telecommunication

A Brief History by Norman Sparkes

This well illustrated booklet was written to record the early history of communication with the Wilsons Promontory lighthouse. First published in 1997 this reprint is under the auspices of the Foster & District Historical Society Inc.


The Vandemonian Trial

Convicts and Bushrangers in Early Victoria

This study attempts to recreate the dramatic early events associated with the arrival of a large contingent from Vandemonsland introducing a new criminal element to respectable mainlanders. This book sets out to unravel myth and actual events.

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They Fished in Wooden Boats, Neil Everitt

They Fished in Wooden Boats

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A recent publication is They Fished in Wooden BoatsA History of the Port Franklin District and the Fishing Families, by Neil Everitt. Available from the Museum and online.

Please note increased cost of publication – November 2016.

They Fished in Wooden Boats by Neil Everitt
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Toora Football Netball Club “A Century of Saturdays – 25 years on”

Toora Football 25 years on

Toora Football 25 years on




1991 – 2016





Neil Everitt in his Foreword says ” the author, John Stone, is to be commended for the time and effort in compiling the past 25 year history” of the Toora Football and Netball Club.. “This project epitomises his dedication” to the club.

The book is available at the museum or by using the PayPal button below.



Buffalo Primary School

Buffalo Primary School “Schooling in Buffalo is now 100 years old. The centenary committee have attempted with the contents of this book to compile a short history of our primary school, incorporating Middle Tarwin Primary School and the Buffalo Community Centre.” The book is clearly very well researched and replete with illustrations. Cost $15 from the museum  Add post & packaging $10.60 if ordering via PayPal


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YANAKIE Station to Settlement 1850-1923

Yanakie Station to Settlement

This beautifully re-published publication was first produced in 1984 for the Back to Yanakie Celebrations. Now, in 2016, permission has been granted for a reprint to honour the 50th Anniversary of the Yanakie Hall. Rosemary Crawford’s text is still fresh and this informative, well illustrated compilation is proudly offered for sale in conjunction with the Foster & District Historical Society’s exhibition “The Road to the Prom”.

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Earth and Industry – Stories from Gippsland

Earth and Industry Eklund & Fenley

Earth and Industry Eklund & Fenley Erik Eklund and Julie Fenley have assembled contributors to “examine historic and contemporary relations of people and the environment, in Gippsland, built upon a many-layered history of environmental changes and modifications, once again on the cusp of rapid economic and social change”. Cost $30.00   Postage $15.00

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Railway Hotels of Australia Volume One – Victoria

Railway Hotels of Australia - Victoria

Railway Hotels of Australia The coming of the railway was a major event in the history of many towns and cities across Victoria. This is the story behind every Railway Hotel; and the social, economic and political themes that have shaped society over the last 150 years in Victoria. Price $60.00 (Hard-back copy) Post(Australia) $15.00


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Fifty Years On The Green 1965-2015 Toora Ed: Neil Everitt

Fifty Years on the Green 1965-2015 Toora


“Congratulations to the Toora Bowls Club on reaching their 50th Anniversary” This quote from Neil Everitt sums up the theme of a well researched illustrated history of the bowls club.

We are proud to offer this book for sale at the museum or on-line using PayPal. Further enquiries click on this link Cost $25 plus $10.50 postage(Australia)

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PROM COUNTRY: A HISTORY edited by Dr Liz Rushen

Prom Country: A History

PROM COUNTRY: A HISTORY contributors with Alison Lester

Contributors with Alison Lester

Prom Country spans the Liptrap Peninsula, through the Corner Inlet amphitheatre to the Welshpool waterways, all with a backdrop of the rollings hills which define South Gippsland. This area has a long and diverse history: of dinosaurs which roamed our ancient landscape, of temperate rainforest lightly touched by the Bratowaloong, through to the gold-hunters, timber-getters, dairy farmers and the more recent arrivals and agricultural activities of the late twentieth century.

Introductory essays by Mary Ellis, Cheryl Glowery and Gary Wallis provide background to the interviews and memoirs by a wide range of people throughout Prom Country: Charlie Nicoll, Charlotte Leischmann, John Pocklington, Alf Lonsdale, Dorothy Williams, Bill Davies, Charlie Snell, F.W. Pilkington, Don Lester, Ken Clemson, A.D. (Dick) Selby, Frank Roberts, Norm Sparkes, Frank Duilio and Nadio Stefani and Graham Whatley.

This collection celebrates the landscape and people of the Prom Country and will appeal to all those keen to gain a greater understanding of this part of Victoria,

The book was launched on 16 November by Alison Lester at the Foster & District Historical Society, Main Street, Foster.

For further information regarding ordering copies email or 1 to 3 copies may be purchased on-line.

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The Foster & District Historical Society gratefully acknowledges the support of the Shire of South Gippsland in the publication of this book.

Welshpool: The Story of a Gippsland Port and Town by Donald John Linforth

This delightful history was written over a period of 20 years

The museum is delighted to offer it for sale via this website (1 to 2 copies only), or by contacting our research officer should multiple copies be required.. Postage $8.50 (Australia only)


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Along the Ridge and Beyond by Dorothy Williams

Along the Ridge Dorothy Williams

Along the Ridge Dorothy Williams   Dorothy’s latest book on local history. A history of the families who pioneered the O’Grady’s Ridge area from the west side of the South Gippsland Highway (formerly Mirboo Road) taking in the area of McGlead’s Road, Gardiner’s Road and O’Grady’s Road to Fish Creek Road at Hoddle and spanning the years from the 1880s to early 1950s. This book is available from the Museum or online. Cost $25.00  Postage $10.50(Australia only)

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Combined to Win by John Gilbert

Combined to Win John Gilbert

Combined to Win by John Gilbert Foster Cricket Club – Premiers 1970-71 Season This is the story of the Foster Cricket Club in its first and very successful season 1970/71, competing in the Stony Creek Cricket Association.

$12.00 + $5.00 postage (Australia only) via PayPal:

The Early Years by Dorothy Williams

The Settlement of Amey's Track - The Early Years

Dorothy Williams

Local author and Foster & District Historical Society Inc member Dorothy Williams has published another book highlighting the history of the families who pioneered the Amey’s Track and Foster North area between 1850 and 1950. Dorothy spends many hours researching and verifying her facts and figures to ensure future generations have a record of Foster and districts history and for providing a reliable resource for those researching their families in the area.

Cost $21 plus $10.50 postage (Australia only)

This history follows on from her highly successful publication The SETTLEMENT of WONGA, a history of the families who pioneered the Wonga area and Escaping the Flames, a Booklet chronicling her story of the terrible bushfires that devastated the Boolarong district 13 March 1940 when she was 7 years old.